The Best Knife Sharpener That I Have Used

The only knife sharpener that I use!

The Rada knife company makes a great knife sharpener that has a design different than any sharpener I have ever seen. This design reduces the chance of you cutting yourself as you try to keep your knivesĀ  sharp.

Rada Knife Sharpener

Rada Knife Sharpener

The Rada knife sharpener has two small specially hardened & edged steel wheels that are mounted side by side and when you pull your knife across the opening between them the friction will begin to sharpen the edge of your knife. It should take 2-3 smooth pulls across the wheels to have all your knives can have a razor sharp edge & ready to use.

If you still have Questions to use this Rada knife sharpener you need to place it on a counter or table with your hand on the bottom out of the way so you don’t get cut. Take your knife & lay the knife blade on the wheels like you are going to cut straight down on them. Now pulls back to you. You should be able to hear it sharpening the knife.

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